Team up with Pbox to make a great fashion care revolution 

Big partnership makes the world smaller

Pbox's mission to make the global fashion care more realistic, with online tools and on-site experiences to offer the best services to global fashion industry. We cooperate with partners and leading supply chain companies around the world in order to help them and their customers with many fashion care solutions during transit time or during the loading time at origins.  

PBOX Affiliate Program

The Pbox Affiliate Program is simple. Sign up, get the personal link and use it to refer clients to our website and place a direct GOH order with us. When a referred client book for the 03 first containers, you will get $50.  

Sounds good?

Getting started

  • Signup to receive an application form

  • Accept partner terms and conditions

  • Connect client to Pbox website 

  • Make money


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