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About PBOX

PBOX was established in 2004 and has grown to become the industry leader in the market for manufacturing, supplying and servicing Garment On Hanger (GOH) kits for shipping containers. Shipping containers which has been fitted with GOH kits are called GOH containers. (They are also sometimes referred to as 'garmentainers ' or 'hangtainers')

Pbox's superiority in quality of goods and services has enabled it to become the most preferred GOH provider within, and between, South East Asia and Europe. This quality reputation has led to global interest such that expansion of Pbox operations into other continents, for both manufacturing and product consumption, has been inevitable and is now well under way.

The various, standard GOH kits produced and supplied by Pbox meet the general requirements of the global industry. However, Pbox also designs, manufactures and supplies customized GOH kits to meet the specific requirements of international clients.


The Pbox R&D Department works continuously to develop the next generation of GOH kit in response to client feedback, changing technology and market trends. Pbox's innovation skills delivered the current generation of GOH kits which can be installed in any sea-freight shipping container without modifying the container (welding, etc.). Pbox GOH kits can be installed and removed quickly which supports their function of being reusable many times. 

Importantly, Pbox liases closely and directly with clients to ensure that they receive expert GOH advice in order to maximize the operational and commercial efficiencies they require. This includes local Pbox direct support in their region, globally.  


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