Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to install a GOH container ?

It takes 40 minutes for 20'container and 60 minutes for 40'container for GOH installation at the site.

Can we purchase Pbox's GOH equipment and do installation ourself?

Yes! You just follow these simple steps

  1. Go to purchase GOH equipment
  2. Sign-in at to become a member
  3. Log in to watch the desired training video
  4. Live chat with us online for instant techincal support

Does Pbox buy back GOH equipment?

Yes! We only do with our own brandname GOH equipment in good condition.

What else PBOX provides and offers besides GOH container?

At PBOX, we provides our customer : - GOH Airbox : LD3, M1, Custom airbox - GOH training and support at garment factory - All types of anti-moisture products - How to avoid clothes from mildew, fungus during transit time - ELT product to keep cargo from over-heated or moisture - And various anti-moisture/ desiccants products

How many main types of GOH system are there?

There are 4 main types of GOH container system : - String System - Strap System - Bar System - Combine System (GOH and Flatpack) However, PBOX also designs and custom-mades the special order at request.

Are we able be Pbox's representative for our part of the world?

Yes, you can. Please send us your specific inquiry at

Does Pbox provide GOH Airbox in the market?

Yes, we are currently manufacturing and providing GOH airbox with airline standard such as : LD3, LD9, M1 and custom-made boxes. Find more information about these products at video page in

What is GOH ?


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