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  • What is GOH ?
  • How many main types of GOH system are there?
    There are 4 main types of GOH container system : - String System - Strap System - Bar System - Combine System (GOH and Flatpack) However, PBOX also designs and custom-mades the special order at request.
  • How long does it take to install a GOH container ?
    It takes 40 minutes for 20'container and 60 minutes for 40'container for GOH installation at the site.
  • Can we purchase Pbox's GOH equipment and do installation ourself?
    Yes! You just follow these simple steps Go to purchase GOH equipment Sign-in at to become a member Log in to watch the desired training video Live chat with us online for instant techincal support
  • Does Pbox buy back GOH equipment?
    Yes! We only do with our own brandname GOH equipment in good condition.
  • What else PBOX provides and offers besides GOH container?
    At PBOX, we provides our customer : - GOH Airbox : LD3, M1, Custom airbox - GOH training and support at garment factory - All types of anti-moisture products - How to avoid clothes from mildew, fungus during transit time - ELT product to keep cargo from over-heated or moisture - And various anti-moisture/ desiccants products
  • Are we able be Pbox's representative for our part of the world?
    Yes, you can. Please send us your specific inquiry at
  • Does Pbox provide GOH Airbox in the market?
    Yes, we are currently manufacturing and providing GOH airbox with airline standard such as : LD3, LD9, M1 and custom-made boxes. Find more information about these products at video page in
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