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Pbox & history

The Phung Company was founded by Philip Phung and his father in Vietnam since 2004. The company is specialized in manufacturing hanging system equipment for fashion industry. With a good reputation and great quality commitment as well as providing proactive solution for fashion logistic industry.

The Phung has grown to acquire a leading position in providing GOH container product & service. With a fabulous growth and development, The Phung is changed with an official name of PBOX since 2007.

P stands for Phung family (the former name " The Phung Company "). Box stands for container service which our company choose for very first business to start with.

Nowaday, PBOX is very popular name for shipping, logistic supply chain and fashion houses. PBOX ensures customer satisfaction by offering a professional and reliable service with delivery on schedule. PBOX’s facilities are of excellent quality and offer true value for money. Try our service today and see why we are so confident in saying “ BUILT TO CARE THE FASHION “

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